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Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes:
Book 1

Classroom Activities for Elementary to Advanced Students

by Matt Errey

Over 100 pages of games, quizzes and printables
Includes ice-breaker games for new classes
Entertaining filler activities for 5 to 15 minutes
Vocab, phrasal verb and general knowledge quizzes
Classic games: 20 Questions, Hot Seat, Coffee Pot
Word-O-Bingo with printable cards and clues
Spelling games and quizzes plus graded word lists
Playing time, player numbers and preparation time provided for every game

Plus! Hundreds of printable quiz questions in graded sets (with answers)

Price: $9.95

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About this book

Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes: Book 1 is a collection of games and activities for learners of English as a Second or Foreign Language. All the games and activities have been thoroughly tested in a range of teaching environments, including language schools, elementary schools, high schools and adult language centers. The playing time, number of players, language focus and level, plus any preparation needed are in an easy-to-read table at the start of each game.

Supplementary Materials

All supplementary materials, such as quiz question sets, topic cards, instruction slips, class surveys and questionnaires, word lists for spelling and jumbled word games, are provided in printer-friendly formats.

Do I need this book?

If you believe there is a role for games and fun activities in your classes, and you need a handy collection that includes clear instructions for a wide range of games and activities, you need this book. And if you purchase the book now, and later decide you don't need it after all, let us know within 60 days and we'll refund your payment in full - no questions asked.

How is the book organised?

The book is organised into five main sections covering icebreakers, fillers, classic ESL games, quiz games and spelling games, plus a detailed introduction, selected extracts from books and articles on using games in the classroom, and a selection of recommended books for further reading.

The first section contains games that help learners in a new class get to know each other and feel relaxed with one another. Many involve information gaps or information exchanges from which they can learn about each other’s hobbies and pastimes, likes and dislikes, ambitions and goals for the future, and so on. The games help to create a fun, non-threatening atmosphere that encourages students to feel comfortable in, and develop a positive attitude towards, their new class.

As the name suggests, these games can be used whenever you find yourself unexpectedly faced with a few minutes to fill during a class. This could occur when waiting for latecomers to arrive, when a lesson has to be put on hold some reason, or when a lesson has been completed five or ten minutes before the end of a class. The games require no preparation, are easy to explain and organize, and are flexible enough in terms of duration to keep your students happily occupied for as long as necessary.

Classic ESL Games
The games in this section have been used in classrooms for so long that they’re often referred to as “classic ESL games”, and many teachers would consider their “box of tricks” incomplete without them. They include Hot Seat, Coffee Pot, Telephone (or Chinese Whispers), Word-O Bingo, and the most classic of them all, Twenty Questions.

Quiz Games
Most of us enjoy having our knowledge tested in quiz games, and classroom quiz games are a big hit with learners. In this section you’ll find games in which general knowledge is tested, as well as games in which various aspects of English are tested, including a wide range of vocabulary and phrasal verbs. Graded sets of quiz questions for all the games are provided.

Spelling Games
Spelling quizzes and spelling bees have long been a part of life for native English-speaking students in schools throughout the English-speaking world, and they’re now becoming part of the TOEFL world as well. The games in this section include spelling quizzes for both teams and individuals, as well as a game based on the traditional spelling bee. Graded word lists are provided.

Can I see some sample pages?
If you'd like to see some pages from the book, you can download an Adobe PDF file which contains the Table of Contents, the Introduction, plus the first couple of games. To download this sample Adobe PDF file, click here.

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Price: $9.95

GuaranteeNo Risk!! 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
If you decide this book is not what you need, let us know within 60 days of purchase and we'll refund your payment in full.

What people are saying about Matt's ESL Board Game Word Up™

''All the students in the school who tried it (and that has literally been nearly all the students in the school when word got around) loved it. Some even asked where they could buy it so they could play it at home. And some teachers played it with one-to-one students, with the student asking the teacher the Level 5 questions. All in all, the biggest hit in our school this year.'
Alex Case
Reviews Editor - TEFL.net

''We recently bought this game for use with our classes, and have to tell you that it is definitely a good investment. We deal with adult students and they love it!'
Shaun Fitzhenry
Coordinator of Studies
EnglishBusiness, Hamburg, Germany

''I highly recommend Word Up as a unique language-learning aid that should be in every teacher's toolkit.'
Josef Essberger
Founder of Englishclub.com

What people are saying about Matt's book
'1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context'

'What I like about 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context most is the absence of definitions. Learners have to get their brain involved to figure out the meaning which is the best way of memorizing something. If they want to check for the correct definition, they can grab a phrasal verbs dictionary and find it by themselves. It makes the learning active and more enjoyable. I recommend this book to everybody who wants to reach a higher level in English.'
Radislav Masata
ESL Instructor
Creator of ESL website MyTeacher.cz
Czech Republic

'1000 Phrasal verbs in Context succeeds in providing learners at any level beyond lower intermediate with an enjoyable and effective way of improving their knowledge of phrasal verbs. I highly recommend this book for both learners and teachers.'
Catherine Barrault
ESL Instructor, Toronto, Canada

'Matt Errey's new book should be of use to many learners who've found themselves struggling with one of the major barriers to true fluency in conversational English. Phrasal verbs have troubled learners for a long time, and I'm sure the material and learning strategies presented in 1000 Phrasal verbs in Context will help many learners finally break through this barrier and take an important step towards genuine fluency.'
Michael Holland
Academic Supervisor and Teacher Trainer
Bangkok, Thailand

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For More Information
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