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About Word Up

Word Up is an easy-to-play, fun and exciting quiz game for learners of English. Each set contains thousands of questions graded into 5 levels (beginner to advanced) with all the answers included. Players of various ages and abilities may play together, each answering questions from their own level.

The first edition of Word Up was released in 1992, and it has now become the world's best-selling ESL board game. The latest editions are being used in over 70 countries in homes, schools, universities and language institutes including EF, ELS, Inlingua, The British Council, and many more.

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What does Word Up test and develop?
  • speaking, listening and reading skills
  • vocabulary and spelling (British and American)
  • phrasal verbs and collocations
  • idioms and proverbs
  • grammar and usage
  • general knowledge - history, geography, science, the arts, sports, etc.
How does Word Up help students?
  • provides a meaningful, non-threatening context for language practice and acquisition
  • creates a positive attitude towards learning English
  • encourages students to interact and communicate
  • helps students feel comfortable with group activities
  • boosts confidence in ability to use English in 'real life'
How does Word Up help teachers?
  • makes classes fun and interesting
  • creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere
  • gets the whole class speaking and listening
  • develops strong class cohesion
  • strengthens rapport between teacher and students
  • revitalizes class enthusiasm for learning
  • can be used many times with the same students
  • no preparation needed
  • your employer will see you as a dedicated professional willing to obtain innovative classroom materials
How can Word Up be used?
  • as a fun and useful activity for an entire 45-90 minute class
  • as a 20-30 minute activity within a longer class
  • as a start-of-term 'ice-breaker' to help students get to know one another
  • as a fun break from regular study at any time during a course
  • as an enjoyable end-of-term activity
  • as an instant activity for teachers filling in for colleagues at short notice
  • as an enjoyable way for students to improve their English at home
Additional features:
  • suitable for a wide range of ages and levels
  • players of different levels can play together
  • playing time can be fixed to match class time
  • for up to 6 individual players or up to 12 in teams
  • answers to all questions included
  • all materials packaged in an easy-to-carry box
  • no additional equipment required
  • made of high-quality, long-lasting materials
  • easy to set up and can be used anywhere
  • comprehensive 'Guidelines for Teachers' included
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Word Up being played
Easy to play, fun and interesting - Word Up is guaranteed to get even the quietest students talking, laughing and joining in with enthusiasm.
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Word Up Game Image

How the Game Works

Players throw the dice and move their pieces around the board, asking and answering questions as they go. The questions are in 4 categories: Missing Word, Crossword Clues, Multiple Choice and Spelling. Correct answers earn a scoring token, with the first player to earn 2 tokens for each of the 4 question categories being the winner.
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Matthew Errey

Matt Errey, the creator of Word Up.
If you have any queries or comments,
contact him at matt@teflgames.com.
He would love to hear from you!

What people are saying about Word Up

'All the students in the school who tried it loved it. Some even asked where they could buy it so they could play it at home ... All in all, the biggest hit in our school this year.'
Tefl.net Review
Alex Case
Reviews Editor - TEFL.net

'The levels of the questions are appropriate for a large variety of students, the game is engaging, easy to play, fun and interesting, and the game board and game supplies are well-made. So, all in all, my students and I really enjoyed Word Up, and I think it would be a fantastic addition to any ESL/EFL teacher's bag of goodies.'
English-Zone.com Review
Kaye Mastin Mallory
TESOL English Instructor
Founder - English-Zone.com

'Word Up succeeds in providing an enjoyable and useful learning experience for students at any level beyond absolute beginner. It has value both as a classroom activity and as a means for students to improve their English 'in their own time'. I highly recommend Word Up as a unique language-learning aid that should be in every teacher's toolkit.'
EnglishClub.com Review
Josef Essberger
Founder - EnglishClub.com

'Word Up has always been the board game of choice with our students and teachers ... Many of our children and teenage classes are 3 hours long, and this can be an awfully long time for some students to retain their enthusiasm. So it is great to see that Word Up can rekindle that spark and get them speaking and laughing again.'
Jennifer Tradewell
Head Teacher
Inlingua (Siam Discovery Branch)
Bangkok, Thailand

'I have now used this game for junior high school, high school and companies and it is always a big hit ... works really well.'
Ian Hewitt
Author of 'Edutainment: How to Teach English with Fun and Games.'

'We feel Word Up is a most useful addition to our range of classroom materials, and would warmly recommend it to both teachers and students of English.'
Nigel Dixon
EFL Instructor
The British Council
Bangkok, Thailand

'We recently bought this game for use with our classes, and have to tell you that it is definitely a good investment ... they love it!'
Shaun Fitzhenry
Coordinator of Studies
Hamburg, Germany

'Word Up is without doubt one of the best informal teaching aids we use here. The students always find it both motivating and enjoyable. The competitive element of the game ensures that students give it their undivided attention. This, in conjunction with the endlessly interesting and often humorous questions, ensures that the students always look forward to playing the game.'
Steven Tait
Academic Supervisor and Teacher Trainer
AUA Language Center
Bangkok, Thailand

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