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Word Up™ received the ESL Resource Award in May 2005

Word Up™ Classroom Pack
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Classroom Pack

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Reviews of Word Up

Excerpt from Word Up review on TEFL.net

'All the students in the school who tried it (and that has literally been nearly all the students in the school when word got around) loved it. Some even asked where they could buy it so they could play it at home. And some teachers played it with one-to-one students, with the student asking the teacher the Level 5 questions. All in all, the biggest hit in our school this year.' (read more...)

Alex Case
Reviews Editor - TEFL.net

Excerpt from Word Up review on English-Zone.com

'The levels of the questions are appropriate for a large variety of students, the game is engaging, easy to play, fun and interesting, and the game board and game supplies are well-made. So, all in all, my students and I really enjoyed Word Up, and I think it would be a fantastic addition to any ESL/EFL teacher's bag of goodies.' (read more...)

Kaye Mastin Mallory
TESOL English Instructor
Webmaster - English-Zone.com

Excerpt from Word Up review by Englishclub.com founder

'Word Up succeeds in providing an enjoyable and useful learning experience for students at any level beyond absolute beginner. It has value both as a classroom activity and as a means for students to improve their English 'in their own time'. I highly recommend Word Up as a unique language-learning aid that should be in every teacher's toolkit.' (read more...)

Josef Essberger
Founder of Englishclub.com


From Inlingua

In all my three years with Inlingua, Word Up has always been the board game of choice with our students and teachers. As a Head Teacher, it is always good to know that, when a teacher wants to give their students some light relief at the end of a class, they will be playing something as good for language building as Word Up.

Many of our children and teenage classes are 3 hours long, and this can be an awfully long time for some students to retain their enthusiasm. So it is great to see that Word Up can rekindle that spark and get them speaking and laughing again. It is very good for total class participation and all the students can be involved at once, so there is no chance of interest waning, as in some games, where individual students can be sitting with nothing to think about for significant stretches of time. It is also good for listening skills, as students must understand the questions read out by the other students.

So, all in all, I heartily recommend this game to any school.

Jennifer Tradewell
Head Teacher
Inlingua (Siam Discovery Branch)

From the author of 'Edutainment: How to Teach English with Fun and Games'

I have now used this game for junior high school, high school and companies and it is always a big hit. You can actually use it with students of completely different levels and it still works! However, I feel it is best for six players per game with students of similar levels. It works really well.

Ian Hewitt
Author of 'Edutainment - How to Teach English with Fun and Games
(Available from amazon.com and eslgames.com)

From The British Council

I, and a number of my colleagues at The British Council in Bangkok, have found 'Word Up' to be a helpful teaching aid in our classes at a variety of levels.

Students find the game an enjoyable way of recycling and acquiring vocabulary, and several have expressed interest in buying copies for their personal use. They value the opportunity to do an activity fully independently of their teacher, including deciding for themselves which level of language they will be exposed to.

We have noticed that playing the game also motivates students to work on pronunciation and aural skills, since they need to ask the questions clearly and listen to each other carefully.

All in all, we feel 'Word Up' is a most useful addition to our range of classroom materials, and would warmly recommend it to both teachers and students of English.

Nigel Dixon
EFL Instructor
The British Council

From EnglishBusiness

'We recently bought this game for use with our classes, and have to tell you that it is definitely a good investment. We deal with adult students and they love it!'

Shaun Fitzhenry
Coordinator of Studies

From The American University Alumni Language Center (AUA)

Word Up is without doubt one of the best informal teaching aids we use here at AUA. The students always find it both motivating and enjoyable. The competitive element of the game ensures that students give it their undivided attention. This, in conjunction with the endlessly interesting and often humorous questions, ensures that the students always look forward to playing the game.

It is our belief at AUA that any teaching tool which generates such a high level of intrinsic motivation amongst students can only serve to aid student learning. Word Up provides a non-threatening environment in which students can practise speaking and listening while also building their vocabularies and raising their grammatical awareness.

Steven Tait
Teacher Trainer / Supervisor
AUA Language Center

From ELS International Language Institute

I am happy to provide the following comments from teachers and students at ELS Thailand who have used the game 'Word Up' and have positive experiences to relate.

Students found it challenging and liked the nature of the questions. They enjoyed collecting the scoring tokens and all the double bonus points. These features of the game made it fun for them.

Instructors appreciated the fact that everyone was kept participating. They felt it really did test everyone at their level and students were kept motivated. I would recommend this board game to students of English.

Thomas McManamon
General Manager
ELS, Bangkok.

From T.C.D. Language School

I was first introduced to Matthew Errey's ESL game called WORD UP about two months ago. I was impressed with its dynamics and its excellently graded material. I bought two sets - one for my family of 5 ESL children and one for use with many of my own private students. My own children enjoy it very much on a regular basis, and are constantly bothering me about when they can play it again.

We've used the other set with three student groups and they have found it most enjoyable. As a matter of fact I had to sell that set to one of them so that they could play it (on level three) more often as they have been enjoying it so much.

I'm sure that Mr. Errey's invention will continue its snowballing success both as a popular home game for ESL learners as well as an indispensable tool in every ESL school library.

John F. Moriarty
Director - TCD Language School

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